Overseas Applicants – Registration

Thank you for choosing to register with us. We assure you our best efforts in finding a best family to work.

You can apply by filling out our Online Application and submit. Please make sure to check all the information provided on the application is correct before pressing submit button. Alternatively you can print our application complete and fax it to us. Please call +1 905-469-6053 to get our fax number.

Personal Information


City / Country


Special Education

Language Skills

List the languages you can speak/read/write:

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Work Experience

Tell us about your employment history, starting with the most recent one.  Please make sure to include Name of the employer, country where you worked for this employer, your position, period of your employment (dates from/to) , reason for leaving, your responsibilities during your employment with this employer. If you were taking care of any children, please provide ages of the children, were there any pets in the household.  If you were caring for a disabled person or elderly, please provide us with details as this will help us in finding you a suitable employer.   We may ask you to provide us with employer's telephone number later for reference check. If you need more space use back of this page.

Character References:

Name / Address / Telephone / No.of yrs known / Relationship

Name / Address / Telephone / No.of yrs known / Relationship

Name / Address / Telephone / No.of yrs known / Relationship

BY SUBMITTING THIS application, I agree that the information provided by me on the Questionnaire/Application is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that MAGNUS Resources may conduct a reference check. The Reference check including  information regarding character, Past Employment, Criminal record, knowledge, capabilities, and reputation. I understand that MAGNUS Resources is a referral agency and not an employer. I understand that the submission of this application for employment will not guarantee me an employment.

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