Finding a suitable and experienced caregiver may be cumbersome task if you would try yourself. The reason being, you advertise in the newspaper, take loads of calls from unqualified applicants, and screen the applications, set your time aside for personal interviews and check references. It is a long, tedious and time consuming process. Even after all this you never know if you got the right person. If you didn’t, you will have to start all over again.

With MAGNUS Resources all you do is just filling in the registration form and let us know what exactly your expectations are and we do all of the above and more to employ the right caregiver in your home. We will be there every step of the way. Before starting the process of hiring a caregiver, we will meet with you at the time convenient to you to help assess your needs.

​Whether to care for your children or elderly, we have qualified caregivers for all your family’s needs. Live-in or Live-out, Part time or Full time, Temporary or Permanent. We will assist you through the process of selecting your Caregiver, conducting telephone and/or personal interviews and preparing documents up to the day caregiver starts her employment at your home.

Our main objective is to find you a suitable nanny who is locally available and readily employable. For any reason if we were not able to find you a nanny of your choice then we can recommend an overseas caregiver.

Our overseas caregivers come from different parts of the world. While most of them are Filipinos working in other parts of the world such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Holland, Italy, UK and Middle Eastern countries such as UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain. We also have nannies from Peru, Brazil and Ireland.

We make sure to present you a qualified and experienced caregiver who has skills and passion for children and elderly and matches your family profile. All our caregivers are thoroughly screened and personally interviewed by us before being added to our database. References are checked on caregivers for character, work experiences and criminal background on employers request.

We also make sure candidates understand the expectation of the family and overall understanding of the position as a caregiver.

We want to make sure your hiring experience is as pleasant as possible. Please check out how the hiring process works.

​Your search for caregiver ends here…Please give us a call of drop us a line at info@magnusresources.ca . We are looking forward to talk to you.